UFO files from the UK's National Archives

Today, the UK's Ministry of Defence and National Archives released a huge chunk of UFO files. The collection of 6,000 pages chronicles UFO reports and investigations from 1994 to 2000. This is the fifth collection the UK's UFO files released online. They're available for free for the next month here. According to a National Archive press release, here are some of the highlights from these documents:

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• A UFO sighted by Boston and Skegness Police captured on film and then spotted by a ship's crew in the North Sea. Simultaneously, an unidentified blip was picked up on radar over Boston. A detailed investigation followed, which identified some of the lights as the planet Venus rising and the blip on the radar as 'a permanent echo' made by a tall church spire.

• A Birmingham man arrived home at 4am to find a large, illuminated blue triangle hovering over his garden. The craft 'shot off' leaving behind a 'silky-white' substance on tree tops in his garden, which he saved in a jam-jar. The file that contains the report of the incident does not reveal what happened to the substance.  

• Copies of original statements taken from the UK's 'Roswell', Rendlesham Forest, and calls for an inquiry into 600 alleged sightings in Bonnybridge, Scotland, known as the 'Bonnybridge Triangle'.

• A West Lothian electrician spotted a 'Toblerone-shaped' UFO hovering over a field. A sketch of the craft is included in the report.

"Close Encounters of the Second Kind: the latest release of UFO files"

(Thanks, Marina Gorbis!)