Chinese media reports worker poisoning at Apple, Nokia touchscreen maker Wintek


China's state television network CCTV this weekend reported that at least one worker has died, with others injured, from N-hexane poisoning at a factory which supplies components for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. The report alleges hazardous work conditions and disputes over pay and safety issues at a Wintek Corporation subsidiary in Suzhou. Here's the CCTV video report (in Chinese), and here's an English language item in China Tech News. I can't find any Western (or more trusted, independent, China-based) reporting on this yet, with which to validate the claims. I've reached out to both Apple and Wintek for comment.

Update: Here's a related report from January, in China Daily claiming that at least four workers died from hexane overexposure. (thanks Charles Starrett). More reports from January: The Star, and Engadget. Wintek is a major parts supplier for Nokia, also.