Curiosity shop in a whale's belly

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If the Boing Boing Bazaar had a physical shop, it might look something like this. Seen here is is a vintage postcard of the Blackgang Chine Bazaar at the Isle of Wight's Blackgang Chine Amusement Park. Alexander Dabell established the amusement park in 1843, making it one of the oldest (or perhaps the oldest) theme amusement park in the United Kingdom. From the Blackgang Chine site:

(Once Dabell signed the lease), pathways were built down the ravine, through previous rough terrain, gardens were landscaped on top of the cliffs, and steps were constructed to the beach from the lower road.

But this was not enough to make Blackgang a fascinating place to visit. In 1842 a huge fin whale had been stranded off the Needles, and Alexander saw his chance.

He bought it at auction, sold off the blubber, had the bones bleached, and transported across the island to a specially built hut, in which he displayed the skeleton to the morbid curiosity of all who visited.

A gift bazaar was also opened with great success. Amelia, his wife helped in all aspects of the business and so "The Blackgang Experience" had begun.

Blackgang Chine history

Isle of Wight Historic Postcards of Blackgang Chine (via Anachronistic Decay, thanks Kirsten Anderson!)