EU Data Protection czar comes out against ACTA; EU analysis of leaked ACTA chapter

The European Digital Rights Initiative has put together an extensive FAQ on last night's leaked text from the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA, the secret copyright treaty whose seventh round of negotiations just concluded in Mexico). It's an excellent analysis from the point of view of EU law and standards, and discusses the way that this draft shows that the European Parliament has been misled on the substance of the negotiations.

Additionally, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EU's highest authority on
privacy) has declared against ACTA and has criticized the Commission for undertaking to negotiate it. Paoli Brini adds, "This is very important because tomorrow there will
probably be a confrontation/hearing with a series of oral questions from
the Parliament to the Commission, some of those questions should put the
Commission in an awkward position (the Commission delegates of the DG
Trade are the leader negotiators for ACTA in Europe)."

Leaked ACTA Digital Enforcement Chapter FAQ

EU Data Protection Supervisor Warns Against ACTA, Calls 3 Strikes Disproportionate