Steampunk variety night returns to London's Scala, Mar 27

Tobias Slater sez,

On Saturday March 27 in London, England, White Mischief is holding a massive multi-room steampunk party called The Great Exhibition. White Mischief will be celebrating three years of neo-Victorian entertainments with its biggest line-up yet.

Some of the UK's best-known exponents of steampunk craft will be in attendance, including Prof. Maelstromme's steam laboratory; a steamdrone and steam cannon from The Clockwork Quartet; steampunk art and installations; and Victorian costumes.

Music includes Thomas Truax, whose self-made instruments include the Hornicator and a mechanical drum machine; steam-powered piano from Tankus The Henge; pith-helmeted MC Elemental, whose "Cup of Brown Joy" was a YouTube hit; posh rapper Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer; and Oompah Brass, who play pop hits in an oompah style.

Stage performances will include visible bolts of lightning being conducted by Voltini in a demonstration of the experiments that Tesla made famous. Plus angle grinding, a flea circus, a man climbing into a six foot bubble, visitors from Oblivia and a chainsaw routine described by Simon Cowell as "one of the most stupid acts I've ever seen."

If you make steampunk art or would like to sell your steampunk craft at The Great Exhibition (with free entry and no fee for selling) please contact

These nights are the highlight of my annual social calendar — they come very highly recommended, as they are chock full of interesting people in exotic dress having an especially good time.

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