Epically bad teen Christian rock band becomes internet phenom

"Final Placement" is a teen Christian Rock band from Midland, Texas. Dangerous Minds more or less discovered this video of the band earlier this week, and internet infamy exploded.

Sneering at off-key amateur god-pop is easy enough, but what's interesting about the story is this: the young man who plays guitar in this video jumped right into the comment thread, and owned up to how epically awful it was. "I am not in the band. I helped them out on this song, unfortunately," he says. "The guitar solo I played— hate it. It deserves to get ripped."

Not everyone feels that way. Someone took his guitar solo and made a loop of it.

To top it all off, the guest-blogger who spotted this over at DM, and is engaging with the guitarist in that thread, is none other than Brad Laner of the band Medicine. Internet gold.

Final Placement (Dangerous Minds, thanks Richard Metzger)