Get a P8TCH at the Boing Boing Bazaar



New at the Boing Boing Bazaar! Attach a P8TCH to your tunic, jerkin, breeches, or panatloons! People can take photos of the unique QRcode with their smart phones and get redirected to your website. Isn't that much easier than handing out a business card?

For $24.95, the buyer gets a 2×4-inch, velcro-backed commando patch with a cryptic design, and a unique QRcode.  Not "unique" as in "remarkable", but rather "unique" as in "each patch is different from every other".  Each patch has a short URL embedded on it that is controlled by the owner. You can choose to send it to your RSS feed, a PayPal donation page, or a YouTube video of last week's comedically inept attempt to sled down a hill.

Since you control the unique QRcode, you can put the code on other crafts, and it will work the same way as your patch.  That's something you can't do with other link-shortening services. They (for good reason) won't let you change the target of a link after you've created it. Here, the power is ALL YOURS, for good… or for AWESOME.

P8TCH: velcro-backed commando QRcode