Vice-principal denies using laptop to spy on student

Lindy Matsko, the Harriton High School assistant vice principal named in Blake J. Robbins vs. Lower Merion School District as the school official who showed a student a photo taken covertly by his laptop's webcam during a disciplinary meeting, has strenuously denied that she ever spied on students using their laptops. She did not say whether the photo was captured covertly with Robbins's webcam.

Though Matsko did not say whether or not she used photos taken from Robbins' webcam for disciplinary reasons– the incident which sparked the chain of events leading to the class action suit, she said she looks forward to the day that she can respond to the allegations without pending legal action getting in the way.

"I find the allegations and implications that I have or ever would engage in such conduct to be offensive, abhorrent, and outrageous," said Matsko.

Principal Accused in "WebcamGate": I'm No Spy
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