17 meals, 5 dishes, 1 chicken, 0 mayonnaise


Cheap, Healthy, Good is one of my favorite recipe blogs. Today, I noticed a challenge post of theirs from last year that breaks down the details of an inscrutable magic trick I never managed to successfully learn from my elders: Getting a couple weeks worth of food out of one roasted chicken. The rules:

  • The budget – for EVERYTHING – was $25.
  • I had to use as much food already in my pantry as possible.
  • Each meal had to feed at least two people.
  • Bonus points for leftovers.
  • The chicken had to be used up within a few days, so it wouldn't go bad.
  • The meals had to have reasonable variety, preferably from a range of cuisines. It couldn't be Chicken with Spaghetti on Day 1, then Chicken with Penne on Day 2.
  • The meals had to have very little added fat, since the leftover chicken would provide most of it.

The results look so fabulous that I think I'm going to give this a shot next week. How about you? How far have you stretched a chicken?

Image courtesy Flickr user thebittenworld.com, via CC