Guest blogger: Jimmy Guterman!


We're happy to have Jimmy Guterman
here as a guest blogger for the next two weeks.

We've covered some of Jimmy's work here previously, both when he
edited Release 2.0 for O'Reilly (example)
and when he made his Sandinista
Clash tribute free for a day
, something he says he
may do again over the next two weeks. And he wrote an appreciation of Bob
for me at Make. In addition to producing records
and writing a bunch of books about rock'n'roll, he's edited many
entertainment, business, and management publications; he's currently
winding down a stint as executive editor of MIT Sloan Management Review.

Some of the topics Jimmy says are on his mind these days: the latest
in prewar country blues bootlegs, the case against productivity porn,
why The A-Team went downhill when they stopped doing welding
montages, why his theremin lessons went nowhere, the latest in
diabetes technology, writing and his novel-in-progress, what
unreleased Clash material needs to be released right now, why Hog Bay
Software is awesome, Dawn Powell, the physics behind Mega Shark
vs. Giant Octopus
, generally accepted management wisdom that is
really stupid, information design, Patricia Highsmith, how switching
to the Mac is like getting out of an abusive marriage, his crush on
Cindy McCain, reasons to hate the Kindle that even Cory hasn't thought
of, what Marcel Proust and SpongeBob SquarePants have in common, why
worshipping Paula Fox is a good idea, and the time he was almost a
dot-com millionaire for 5 minutes and 17 seconds.

Welcome aboard, Jimmy. (You can
write him here