Buy an inch of land in Detroit

Today at Institute for the Future, Jerry Paffendorf is telling us about Loveland, his art/game/activism project to sell real land in Detroit, Michigan inch-by-inch, for $1/inch. He already sold the first "colony," a 10,000 square inch grid called Plymouth. He's now selling deeds via Kickstarter to the second property, which will be called either Recovery or Hello World. The second property hasn't been purchased yet, so Jerry calls the investments "ghost inches." When you purchase an inch, you get a nice little deed package containing a magnifying glass to better survey your territory. The little money from deed sales goes back into the project. He also hopes to use the "profits" to provide microgrants to other innovative urban development projects in the city. From the Loveland project:

Based in Detroit, Michigan, LOVELAND is all about creative new concepts in micro payments for micro ownership and use of land. It is building frameworks for many people to invest and participate in the creation of something where nothing was before, and to interact with places both in person and online in various unique ways.

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