Flurb 9: more Rudy Rucker fiction picks

Hurrah! It's time for another issue of Rudy Rucker's absolutely ass-kicking free sf zine, Flurb. The new ish has stories by Paul Di Filippo, Rudy Rucker, Richard A. Lupoff, Danny Rubin, and Kathe Koja and Carter Scholz (incidentally, I've been reading Koja's new book in manuscript form and I am agog at its brilliance — watch this space in the months to come for a review of Under the Poppy).

I love reading Rucker's fiction (and essays), but I have even more fun reading these zines he curates — a kind of "Rudy Rucker presents…" that manages to convey the influences and esthetic that shoots through all of Rucker's work.

I'm especially proud to be presenting the first-ever publication of "Palmetto Man," by Danny Rubin. Rubin is the writer responsible for Groundhog Day, a movie which many people (including me) quite seriously view as one of the very greatest SF films ever made. I happened to email Danny about his work last month, and he came up with this wonderful and previously unknown tale.

The gnarly and subcultural Kek is back for another visit to Flurb. His "Search" takes us on a dreamy, postcyberpunk waltz with the grateful undead. What does it mean to lose a loved one?

Adam Callaway's "The Goddess of Discord" is a kick-ass example of the Seussian street-surrealism that infuses the finest SF. For his hero against the forces of chaos Callaway enlists…an accountant!

Flurb: A Webzine of Astonishing Tales/Issue #9, Spring-Summer, 2010