Rhizome's 7 on 7: 7 geeks, 7 artists co-create in NYC

Fred sez,

If you're in NYC on April 17th, definitely consider attending Rhizome.org's new conference, Seven on Seven.

The idea behind Seven on Seven is to pair seven leading artists with seven technologists to see what they can produce. There's already a lot of buzz about the event, and for good reason, our lineup is stellar:

Artists: Cao Fei, Evan Roth, Aaron Koblin, Monica Narula, Ryan Trecartin, Tauba Auerbach, and Marc Andre Robinson

Technologists: Jeff Hammerbacher, Joshua Schachter, Matt Mullenweg, Andrew Kortina, Hilary Mason, Ayah Bdeir, and David Karp

Check the link for full details, artist and technologist pairings, and ticket prices.

Seven on Seven – Rhizome

(Thanks, Fred!)