Space law

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If I were a lawyer, I would be a Space Lawyer, as long as that could be printed on my business card. During the next academic year, Sunderland University students can sign up for a course module devoted legal questions surrounding space exploration, tourism, safety, and off-world commercial ventures. From The Guardian (NASA image):

Topics already arising in the field include gaps in health and safety for potential space tourists, and damage to satellites from other objects orbiting the Earth. Looking further ahead, some lawyers have raised questions about land titles on the moon or other planets.

Chris Newman, one of the lecturers who will be teaching the module, said: "It is a growing area which has relevance across commercial, company, property, environmental, intellectual property and IT practice sectors. We think that our qualification will offer valuable knowledge in a fascinating area."

The syllabus is likely to draw on earlier attempts to extend legislation into uncharted areas, such as the arguments between nations over huge sections of Antarctica.

"Space law course to tackle final frontier"