Afghanistan: Taliban chops off nose, ears of 19-year-old girl for "shaming" her in-laws

aisha.jpg"When they cut off my nose and ears, I passed out." Bibi Aisha, 19, of Afghanistan, who was punished by the Taliban for "shaming" her in-laws when she ran away to escape torturous domestic abuse. Her father sold her to her abusive husband when she was 10.

Atia Awabi, a CNN International correspondent based in Kabul, says "If you are moved by [this] story you can help by donating to" CNN interviewed this young woman in January, and ABC News followed recently.

Women for Afghan Women has posted an update on her story here (some people may find the full image of her brutally disfigured face disturbing).

Her husband "kept her in the stable with the animals until she was 12 (when she got her first menstrual period)." More:

Aisha has been recovering these past months from the unimaginable trauma she has suffered. She has brought criminal charges against her father for giving her away in the illegal practice of "baad." She would like to also bring charges against her husband, but since he is a Talib in Uruzgan, he is unreachable. Aisha has decided after weighing all the options before her that she would like to come to the United States for her surgery and post-operative care. Just as important as her surgery, will be the support system we organize for her recuperation. We are currently engaged in setting up that support system for Aisha.

You can donate here. (CNN blogs, via Kristie LuStout)