Secret ACTA fights over iPod border-searches

Michael Geist sez, "The leak of the full consolidated ACTA [ed: the secrete global copyright treaty] text will provide anyone interested in the treaty with plenty to work with for the next few weeks. While several chapters have already been leaked and discussed, the consolidated chapter provides a clear indication of how the negotiations have altered earlier proposals as well as the first look at several other ACTA elements.

For example, last spring it was revealed that several countries had proposed including a de minimis provision to counter fears that the border measures chapter would lead to iPod searching border guards. This leak shows there are four proposals on the table."

The copyright industries wanted border-searches on anything digital you were carrying that could be used to infringe copyright, from your phone to your iPod to the laptop that had your confidential client documents, your personal email, your finances, pictures of your kids in the bath, etc. Various countries proposed loophole-riddled ways of exempting your personal goods from a search, mostly hinging on whether they're "non-commercial goods" of a "personal nature." Except that every time I cross the US or Canadian border, they tell me my laptop is "commercial goods" because I do business with it.

ACTA's De Minimis Provision: Countering the iPod Searching Border Guard Fears

(Thanks, Michael!)