New Massive Attack videos for "Heligoland" film project

Above, a video for the Massive Attack track "Splitting the Atom," directed by Edouard Salier. This was one of several new videos screened at the FLUX event in LA last night, for Massive Attack's recently-released fifth album Heligoland. Dazed and Confused has more videos and more on the making of, including work directed by Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin. Each of the videos form part of a film project for Heligoland.

massth.jpgThe band commissioned seven low-budget videos - most of which are still in the making - by both established names and those with little experience of directing. "We are always keen not to be in the videos, and not to compromise the idea by having to make an appearance," says Del Naja. "But on the whole it has been a case of carte blanche with the directors, to the extent where we said: 'We will give you the stems of the tracks and you can use whichever components you want, loop some parts, take the vocals out...' We have always been totally unprecious."

Not all of the videos are work-safe. Directed by Toby Dye, the video for "Paradise Circus" is here on the band's blog, and contains explicit content.

(via FLUX, thanks, Syd Garon!)