3D viewer + The Elements for iPad = stereoscopic scienceporn


Just got my Loreo Pixi 3D viewer with which to view those element detail shots in Theodore Gray's The Elements for iPad in 3D. Verdict: takes a little getting used to, for my eyes anyway, but after a minute of perceptual adjustment it quickly turned into HOLYCRAPTHISISSOAWESOME. You know what America (heck, the world, but especially America) needs to combat anti-science sentiment, and the dumbing down of our kids? Elegant presentations of science. Interactive digital reference book/game/search/apps like this, that make learning tantalizing. Imagine if you'd first been exposed to the periodic table of elements like this as a kid! I say this with excitement for the iPad and content soon to be developed for that platform, but also with excitement for the new class of competing devices that sill surely follow.

Read my earlier review of The Elements here ($13.99 for iPad, Touchpress), and you can buy the glasses here ($4.95 + S/H).