Insanely elaborate and wonderful custom maps

Marilyn sez, "Connie Brown's custom-drawn maps start at $10,000 for a standard 3' by 4' size. Here's why:"

Once Brown has the map planned out, which, she adds, is the truly time-consuming portion of the job, it takes another 140 hours (or so) to complete the piece. After getting an enlargement made by an architectural printer, Brown traces the map she developed onto the canvas. It's all freehand from there, lettering included. To add color, she prefers a "finicky" technique of brushing on and rubbing off acrylic paints. Brown loves the look of the transparent wash and "it's a good background for place names." For water, she goes all Seurat on the maps. "I paint a gazillion little dots, inspired by the stippled maps of the 16th and 17th centuries," says Brown. "I love the color part, and I get a little too excited when I stumble on a new shade."

Brown will be giving a talk on the creative uses of maps on April 10 at the New York Public Library.

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(Thanks, Marilyn!)