Wikileaks: More background material on Iraq massacre leak



Update, 9pm PT: The US military has issued a statement on the massacre investigation (6.52MB PDF).

An update on that video released earlier today by Wikileaks, which shows US occupying forces shooting and killing civilians—including two Reuters journalists—in Baghdad. Wikileaks has released additional photographs and video that provide more background. These include interviews with survivors of the attack: a widow and her two children (left). And, above, one of the last two photos taken by war photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen before he was shot by American airmen during the 2007 incident.

NYT item here. "Lots of people are avoiding talking about the murderous attack on the van and the wounded; and strawmanning camera/RPG confusion as the issue," Wikileaks tweets. The materials released just now address this issue.

Video after the jump.

Video: New background material from Iraq (YouTube / Sunshine Press)