Your road trip just got a whole lot more delicious

sollys1.jpgThe name may not come tripping off the tongue, but the Southern Foodways Alliance's Oral History Interactive Map is a great tool for planning your spring road trip, especially if your spring road trip revolves around food. And whose doesn't, when you come right down to it? And even if yours doesn't, how much McDonald's can you eat? That much? Really? Wow. But wouldn't you rather generate a complete route map with turn-by-turn directions to places like Car-Lot BBQ in Winfield, AL, where owner Kyle Guin makes his barbecue "the same way Daddy did it," or Solly's Hot Tamales in Vicksburg, MS, where Jewel McCain (above) describes her chili filling this way:

It's ground beef with six different spices in it, and it has the rendered grease from beef fat or kidney fat that we use in there, so they're not really health-conscious food. But they're good to eat and people don't care, they eat them anyhow.

Sure you would. The quotes, by the way, are taken from the extensive oral histories that annotate each stop on the SFA's map. Extensive oral histories. Now stop at Burger King. I dare you. (Via Serious Eats.)