"Keep Pot Illegal!" say Humboldt County dope farmers


Mother Jones reports that Humboldt County pot farmers are afraid they'll go out of business if their crops are legalized in the upcoming California elections.

Recently, “Keep Pot Illegal” bumper stickers have been seen on cars around the county. In chat rooms and on blogs, anonymous writers predict that tobacco companies will crush small farmers and take marijuana production to the Central Valley. With legalization, if residents don’t act, “we’re going to be ruined,” said Anna Hamilton, a radio host on KMUD-FM (91.1) in southern Humboldt County.

A friend told me once that he thought drug prohibition a was good thing because it promoted a black market, which is an important part of society. Interesting point, but I'm not sure the benefits of a black market outweigh its negative effects. It's a fun thing to tell people who are in favor of the drug war, though.

Criminalize Marijuana!

(Via Cynical-C. Image via Stoner Party)