Learn F***in' Science with Insane Clown Posse


If the Insane Clown Posse and their juggalo fandom created a science textbook, this is what it would look like. Daniel O'Brien of Cracked.com, who is responsible for this here shizzle, says,

wacktivitiesth.jpgI've created a juggalo-friendly textbook, taking into account the song's claim that they "don't wanna talk to a scientist," who they consider to be a "lying motherf**ker" intent on "getting [them] pissed." To that end, every lesson will be directly based on actual ICP lyrics, and every page will be packed with in-your-face juggalo clown-rage. Or, the best clown-rage I can muster.

Juggaloco Psycho Clown-speak is a shockingly complex language.

Learn Your Motherf#@kin' Science: A Textbook for Juggalos

To fully appreciate this, watch the music video for the ICP song "Miracles."

(Cracked.com, thanks, Susannah Breslin)