Colossal turing machine made in city-building game


Dwarf Fortress, an intimidating old-school city-building game, is famous for its vast scope and difficulty. Technically a roguelike, it allows players to construct elaborate underground civilizations -- and even the entire world they are set in -- then crushes them with goblin invasions, lava flows and micromanagement. Players often show off their labyrinthine creations using 3D visualization apps, but Jong89's creation is especially worthy of your attention: his dwarf fortress is a vast turing machine.

The Dwarven Computer is finally complete! I've tested it and it functions as expected, though its performance is really lousy. ... Yellow gears represent gears that are disengaged by default. Grey gears are not linked to any pressure plates. Blue gears are engages by default. Unfortunately I didn't have enough cobaltite to make all the blue gears on the upper deck so I used orthoclase instead.
This monumental build contains 672 pumps, 2000 logs, 8500 mechanisms and thousands of other assort bits and knobs like doors and rock blocks.
I believe this is the first programmable digital computer that anyone has built in DF. I believe it is turing complete, for anyone who cares.

When examining the map, be sure to note it has multiple levels--and that the computer intersects with an underground river!

Razorlength [Dwarf Fortress Map Archive] Thanks, Joel!