Police encounter drunk woman bitten by parrot, yapping dogs, thrown inhaler, etc.

Police in Middletown, Ohio responded to a domestic disturbance call last Friday only to find Janice McCoy-Nuttle, 49, drunk on a bed with "one large white parrot… standing on her forehead, biting her in the face. There was another smaller bird on her chest." According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, "This was in addition to as many as 10 cages with other birds, all of them squawking and causing (six small) dogs to bark. The woman appeared to be so intoxicated, (Sgt. Steve) Ream said, 'that she could not remove the bird off her face.'" After the police arrived, the woman, flipped out, throwing an inhaler at her husband, kicking at the windows of the squad car, and generally causing quite a ruckus. Where is COPS when you need them. "Parrot bites woman, and she throws inhaler" (Thanks, Rick Pescovitz!)