TSA applesauce "assault" case thrown out

A 58-year-old woman who was arrested, strip-searched, and handcuffed last year for grabbing her cooler (filled with applesauce and yogurt for her 93-year-old mother) from a Burbank airport TSA employee finally had her case thrown out.

From CBS:

Prosecutors charged Nadine Kay Hays, 58, who was traveling to Nashville with her mother, with the battery charge after the reported fight with the Transportation Security Administration agent last April. The agent claimed that Hays made a fist and struck her on the hand during the tussle.

Hays denied striking the agent, arguing that she merely brought down her hand to keep agents from taking away her 93-year-old mother's apple sauce, cheese and milk, which were inside a cooler.

"I am not going to plead guilty to something I didn't do. I'm a person of character," Hays, whose mother died last month, said. "I end up reliving this disaster every spare moment of my life. You just flash back and you see these scenes over and over."

I watched the video (blue cooler is in lower left of video above), but it's hard to see any hitting going on.

Woman Accused Of Hitting TSA Agent Over Applesauce