Rob Cockerham's Costco prank

Screen Shot 2010-04-27 At 5.55.13 Pm

My favorite amateur sociologist Rob Cockerham printed up a bunch of price stickers for absurd products and sent them to his team of assistants around the country, who attached them to shelves in Costco stores.

One assistant's field notes:

It was a mad house today with all the snooty rich people fighting over free samples, but that was to my favor.  Everyone was so busy, that it was a piece of cake.  The only hard part was the Polo Assless Chaps, since our Costco hangs the prices above the items.  But nonetheless, I found a display right next to the main aisle of the clothing to place it.  It should be seen very easily.  The Canine Pacemaker Kit was placed right with the dog toys and dog biscuits. 

The Costco Prank