The Incident: a game of 8-bit cataclysm

Alongside Kometen, another upcoming iPhone game featuring heavily on the radar is The Incident, from Panic designer Neven Mrgan and programmer Matt 'Big Bucket' Comi.

Still heavily in development, The Incident is a simple idea executed with fantastic style — your only goal as its every-man star is to avoid being buried under the weight of everyday objects falling either down or, err, up, on a search to figure out exactly what is causing this pedestrian doomsday.

With hints of Katamari's cataloging of the objects of modern society and the "a funny thing happened on the way to work" slapstick tone similar to the vastly under-rated PlayStation minigame collection Incredible Crisis, Incident appears to be wrenching very good vibes from very bad days.

The Incident [Big Bucket]