UK election: ask your candidates if they'll repeal the Digital Economy Act

The UK election is upon us and the UK Open Rights Group has produced a quick and easy form that you can use to email your candidates and ask if they'll vote to repeal the odious Digital Economy Act, which was crammed through Parliament without full debate.

As the election was called, thousands of people like you contacted their MP to warn them that ramming the Digital Economy Act into law was the wrong thing to do. But they went ahead and did it anyway.

That was undemocratic and dangerous. New powers have been granted without proper scrutiny. We know open wifi is now under threat - as are legitimate websites, by new web censorship powers. Disconnection powers will inevitably punish innocent people, if brought into force after the election.

Now, you have a chance to find out what your candidates think. You can ask them to oppose website blocking and internet disconnection powers being brought into force.

Write to your candidates

(Thanks, Jim!)