Hitler finds out how to challenge a wrongful YouTube DMCA takedown with Fair Use


The folks at Rocketboom and Know Your Meme have put together a handy PSA video to teach YouTube the basics of challenging a wrongful DMCA takedown claim with a "fair use" defense.

The subject gained much interest recently after the film company behind the movie Downfall / Der Untergang DMCA'd a bunch of those "Hitler Finds Out…" funnyvideos.

Links: YouTube PSA, Rocketboom "Know Your Meme" blog post with details (with links to EFF, CfSM, FUP).

Related: Mark Dery, a recurring guest contributor to Boing Boing, has a recent essay over at True/Slant on the ünterganging of Üntergang vids: Endtime for Hitler: On the Downfall of the Downfall Parodies