How the Muslim Association of Malawi feels about a possible polygamy ban

The gender minister of Malawi is trying to pass a polygamy ban, and it's making the Muslim Association of Malawi a bit nervous. From the BBC:

A spokesman for the Muslim Association of Malawi told the BBC the proposed law would discriminate against the country's Muslim minority. He said with about 6% more women than men in Malawi, if polygamy were banned, many women would be left without a husband and become prostitutes.

The secretary general of the association expressed similar sentiments, saying the following:

We are totally rejecting it. There are also other ethnic groups [who practise polygamy] and they also totally reject this… If these people go ahead banning polygamous marriages it means many women will go into prostitution…
Every woman has the right to be under the shelter of a man

Oh, and here's the kicker:

I have only one wife, my dear wife… but the moment they proceed with this, I will take a second wife.

Malawi move to ban polygamy angers Muslims