Collapsible fabric Yagi antenna


Leave it to fashion designer and radio geek Diana Eng to make this stylish collapsable Yagi antenna. She has a complete how-to at Make: Online.

One of my favorite ham radio activities is making contacts on satellites. It's really fun to know that you're controlling something that's receiving and sending communications from space. But communicating with satellites means carrying a big Yagi antenna around. So, I decided to use my fashion sewing skills to make a collapsible fabric Yagi antenna that's much easier to transport.

You can only transmit radio if you have a ham radio license, but you can listen to communications on satellites without a license. If you don't have a license, you only need to build the receiving part of the antenna. You can read all about how to listen to satellites in my previous post, "Catching satellites on ham radio."

Make: Online – Collapsible fabric Yagi antenna