Dr. Jack Kevorkian's oil paintings

Signed and numbered prints of Dr. Jack Kevorkian's oil paintings are available from Ariana Gallery in Michigan. Some of his descriptions are even trippier than the images. Shown here, "Very Still Life."

very still life.jpgThe message here, though somewhat capricious, nebulous, and indefinable, is clearly underscored by intense feeling and brilliant colors. These highlight the melancholy age-old balance between the warmth of life and the iciness of death, spiced with the sardonic humor of irony.

The disquieting mood portends inescapable doom for the frail symbol of individual life and through seemingly callous extinction of its evanescent aura. The age-old balance is certainly skewed.

He may or may not love life, but Lordy, he does love him some adjectives! Jack, you're killin' me. (via Eric Steuer)