"Tattoo" glucose sensor for diabetics

 Nanosensor Images Glucose Schematic


Researchers at Draper Laboratory are developing a tattoo-like implant that senses glucose levels and fluoresce different colors in response. Someday, it could negate the need for diabetes to frequently prick their fingers for blood samples. From Draper Laboratory:

When embedded into skin – similar to a tattoo – these nanosensors can detect and signal changes in blood glucose. Fluorescence is used due to increased sensitivity over color changes that can be viewed with the naked eye…

This concept offers the potential to enable a diabetic to monitor blood sugar without pain, and could be applied to spot other conditions such as depleted levels of sodium, potassium, and chloride, which could be used to catch signs of dehydration in athletes and troops.

"Experimental Sensor Could Help Diabetics Monitor Blood Sugar Without Pricking Their Fingers"