Rupert Murdoch dabbles in Socialist Realism

Sinister media tycoon Rupert Murdoch has decided that England's Britain's next ruler should be David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, and he's turned his empire of "news" outlets to producing this outcome (for example, his YouGov survey of voter impressions of a leader's debate was timed to coincide with LibDem leader Nick Clegg's speech; unsurprisingly, those surveyed didn't have much of an opinion on Clegg's fitness). The latest is this Socialist Realist full-cover ToryPorn shot of David Cameron's Nostrils and Fist Vanquishing the Forces of Liberalness, in today's Sun. Apparently, the Tories have invented something called a "Battlebus," presumably some variant on the appropriately ancient and obsolete blunderbuss. (Thanks to commenters for pointing out that "Battlebus" is actually a time-honoured tradition and not a Tory invention)

Rupert Murdoch dabbles in Socialist Realism, David Cameron SUN cover shot, London, UK