How to get a creative project funded online


My friend Slava has a fun company called IndieGoGo that lets you fund creative projects through their web site, or start your own and get it funded. Some examples include a photography project that documents hospice patients in Pennsylvania (above), socialism experiments in Germany, and a short film about Big Foot's encounter with an alien. The way it works is similar to the microlending non-profit Kiva, except you can chip in to just about anything. Donors are incentivized by things like a shout out in a film's credits, free swag, or event invites.

If you're the one who has a project that needs funding, you can post your pitch for free; the company takes a cut of what you make but you still get to keep most of it. I'm thinking of trying it out on a forthcoming social experiment. Fun!

IndieGoGo main page