Mac Tonnies's fave Fortean, unusual, and fringe books

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Mac Tonnies was a Fortean and science fiction author and blogger who tragically died last year at the age of 34. The book he had just finished writing when he died, The Cryptoterrestrials, has just been published by Anomalist Books and it looks to be a tour de force of high weirdness. ("For too long, we've called them 'aliens,' assuming that we represent our planet's best and brightest," writes Tonnies. "Maybe that's exactly what they want us to think.") While delving into Tonnies's body of online work, I came across his excellent nonfiction booklist of recommended reading. It's a terrific list of titles and I'm delighted that I've only read a small fraction of them. If there are additional books you think should be part of any respectable fringe/Fortean library, please share in the comments! And if Fortean thinking offends your rationalist sensibilities, please just move along… nothing to see here. From Mac Tonnies's Recommended Reading list:

(The books listed are) devoted to unusual/uncommon topics. I offer them as recommendations for anyone curious about extraterrestrial life, space colonization, quantum theory, life extension, UFOs, human origins, artificial intelligence, etc.

Note that some of these titles are quite "mainstream," while others are decidedly "oddball." I've found that healthy doses of both camps help in breaking out of existing "reality tunnels." In other words: challenge yourself. Hold everything you "know" in question. We only think we know it all.

Mac Tonnies's Recommended Reading list (Thanks, Chris Arkenberg!)