Feral rabbits by the thousands on U Victoria campus

British Columbia's University of Victoria is awash in thousands of feral bunnies, and no one knows what to do about it:

As the university struggles with the question of what to do with between 1,500 and 2,000 feral rabbits — which are chewing and digging their way through the campus grounds — emotions are running high, fuelled by accusations of misinformation from both sides.

Leaders of the protect-the-bunnies movement claim the university is secretly killing rabbits at night and that there are "poison boxes" on the grounds. Bunny supporters claim that officials have only paid lip-service to trap and sterilize programs as they always regarded a massive slaughter as the final solution.

"The University of Victoria has been for years conducting a misinformation campaign in order to justify their killing of abandoned domestic rabbits on campus," said animal rights activist Roslyn Cassells.

"Betrayal is the order of the day at the University of Victoria, where a large-scale nighttime shooting of over 1,000 abandoned pet rabbits is imminent," Cassells said in a recent e-mail to the media.

Rabbit woes continue to multiply at University of Victoria

(Thanks, Dan Mac!)