BP continues kludgey, toxic attempts to contain Gulf oil spill, limit damage


Hey, it's Monday, and that means a fresh week of bumbling attempts by everyone's favorite oil company to limit the ongoing spread of the giant Gulf oil spill.

BP on Monday resumed injecting dispersants into the gusher a mile below the Gulf of Mexico, as it weighed its next steps. Ideas include "top hats" and "junk shots" to try to contain the spewing crude.

Top hats and junk shots! And if that don't work, there's always golf balls and tires! Is anyone uploading this stuff to thereifixedit.com?

And quoth Doug Suttles, BP's operating officer for exploration and production, at a Saturday press conference on the failed attempt to stop the gushing oil with a "containment dome" the night before:

I wouldn't say it has failed yet (…)What I would say is what we attempted to do last night didn't work.

(via William Gibson, Greg Mitchell, Peter Kirn)