Roy Lichtenstein's estate decides they don't own the rights to everything he ripped off, after all

Roy Lichetenstein's estate has seen the light. After threatening copyright litigation against an indie band whose CD cover remixed the same comic book panel that the pop artist made famous, the estate has withdrawn the threat and no longer claims to own the rights to everything that rips off the same stuff that Lichtenstein copied. Elsinore's Ryan Groff sez,

Shelley Lee sent us an email this morning letting us know that the estate is fine with us using our image and requests a liner note that says:

Cover Painting by Brittany Pyle (an homage to Roy Lichtenstein's Kiss V)

This, of course, is what we initially offered to do before finding out our artist did NOT paint it as an homage, but as an appropriation of the graphic novel image. And Ms. Lee's response to this offer was "It's not an homage. It's a copyright violation." We don't know exactly what she saw or read, but she included a P.S. that said:

"For your information, someone who was familiar with your album cover notified us."

We're not quite sure what they would've notified her of, but all it boils down to is that WE WON!

Lichtenstein's Estate has Changed Its Mind!!!