Humble Indie Bundle hits $1m, goes open-source, gets 4 day extension


There'll be a lot of good, necessary beard-stroking over the next few weeks to figure out exactly what the organizers of the Humble Indie Bundle — a six-game pay-anything collection that's just managed to top a million dollars in sales in a week — did right, because it's something that seems it could and should be repeated.

The nitty gritty: as of the time of writing, nearly 116,000 people have donated nearly $1.05 million, nearly 31 percent of which will be going to the Bundle's selected charities the EFF and children's hospital focused Child's Play. Full techie stats are available here, but that amounts to roughly $137,000 to each developer in a week, all of whom had seen sales of their years-old games dwindle.

To celebrate the landmark, the devs are extending the sale for the rest of this week for any latecomers, and are beginning to make good on their GPL-licensed open source promise, beginning with Wolfire's Lugaru HD. Gish and Penumbra will soon be following suit, and Aquaria has made the surprise announcement that they're coming on-board with the open source promise, as well.

See Wolfire's breakdown at the top of the project's page, their tech stats here, and click here to continue to donate to the cause.

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