Video: Volcano refugees, stuck in London

I was in Oxford when the volcano in Iceland erupted last month; since I couldn't get home, I took a little detour to Dubai via Paris and came back to San Francisco ten days later than originally planned. Thousands of others were in the same boat, and a bunch of us — mostly those who had attended the Skoll World Forum and TEDx Volcano that weekend — met up at a bar in central London. Thinking this was only going to be a three-day trip, I only had my G10 and a 2-gig memory card, but I managed to get some footage of people who were stuck in London. I gave my .mov files to viral video veteran Joe Sabia, who put together this two-minute mini-documentary about us, the Volcano Refugees. Starring: Larry Brilliant, Joi Ito, Marc Davis, Matt Flannery, Yvette Alberdingkthijm, Jenny 8. Lee, and many other interesting folks.