A geeked-out spice rack


The Evil Mad Scientists designed an attractive, inexpensive, and useful way to keep spices.

There are a few standard ways to acquire spices. The usual involves buying a new spice now or then when you need it for some new recipe. Or perhaps acquiring a "set of spices" with a built in organizer system. These obviously work, but are prone to being expensive, disorganized, or subject to artificial limits. Obviously, a more optimal solution exists. We set out to create a better, backwards compatible, scalable spice organization system so that you don't feel silly adding another 20 or 30 or 40 items to your palette.

How to actually organize your spices is a tricky question. If you have enough to require the dewey decimal system, you're welcome to use it. For most people, organizing by type of spice (Indian, Italian, Thai) or by Brownian motion is sufficient, and your biggest question is shelf or drawer.

How to Kick Ass and Take Names in the Spice Aisle