Recycle cigarette butts into anti-rust solution?

An article in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research proposes to solve the problem of disposing of the 4.5 trillion (highly toxic) cigarette butts that find their way into the environment every year by recycling them into a rust-prevention treatment for oil industry applications:

The scientists showed that extracts of cigarette butts in water, applied to a type of steel (N80) widely used in the oil industry, protected the steel from rusting even under the harsh conditions, preventing costly damage and interruptions in oil production. They identified nine chemicals in the extracts, including nicotine, which appear to be responsible for this anti-corrosion effect.

Recycling 'Tiny Trash' — Cigarette Butts

(Image: 09-feb-24, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from sashafatcat's photostream)