SWORD OF MY MOUTH: Apocalyptic graphic novel about the tyranny of angels

Jim Munroe and Shannon Gerard's Sword of My Mouth is sequel to Jim's earlier Therefore, Repent!, a story about the tyranny and horrors visited upon the earth by the angels who come with the Rapture.

All of the pious souls have ascended, and the earth is in turmoil. The left-behinds fall into two camps: those who slaughter and enforce martial law for the angels, and those who join the resistance and fight against God's tyranny.

Ella was abandoned in Detroit by her husband, who went to fight angels in Chicago. She is raising their son alone, and like many, he has been mutated by the wild magic of the rapture, making her the target of derision and fear by her neighbors. Driven from her home by a fire, she takes up refuge with urban farmers who are contending with a plot by Famine, the Horseman, to destroy humanity's food supply and make them more dependent on the angels.

Munroe is a fantastic writer in many media (novels, games, films and comics), and his talents are ably matched by Gerard's stellar illustrations, jagged line drawings that play with time-series and an expressivity of posture to convey emotion with unexpected punch.

Profane and wonderful, Sword of My Mouth and Therefore, Repent! are subversive, smart, and gripping.

Sword of My Mouth