Financial Times chickens out, refuses to run Amnesty's anti-Shell Oil ad

Fiona from Amnesty UK sez,

After raising £30,000 to support an ad campaign exposing Shell's damaging practices in the Niger Delta, Amnesty International and its supporters were sorely disappointed when the Financial Times took a last minute decision to pull their ad.

Tim Hancock, Amnesty International UK's campaigns director, said:

"The decision by the Financial Times is extremely disappointing. We gave them written reassurances that we would take full responsibility for the comments and opinions stated in the advertisement. Both The Metro and The Evening Standard had no problems with running the ad.

"The money to pay for the advertisements came entirely from more than 2,000 individuals online, who we'd asked to fund an ad campaign targeting Shell's AGM — and it really caught their imagination. And I am sure these supporters will share with us our sense of deep disappointment."

Amnesty 'disappointed' by FT's decision to pull ad targeting Shell