Dude, where's my amuse-bouche? NYT on haute stoner cuisine


When I was a pothead in my misspent youth, "stoner cuisine" meant dingdongs and Domino's. In today's New York Times, a THIS IS SRS BIZNESS trend feature on on marijuana as an inspiration for highfalutin' cookin'. Not food that includes pot as an ingredient—weed brownies, or candies made from oil-soluble THC extracts— but instead, food inspired by what one wants when one has the munchies. Sweet, fat, carb-y goodness: the sort of sensual cravings you experience when you are baked. Featured in the NYT piece are such foodies as Anthony Bourdain, the hopheads behind Momofuku in NYC (cereal milk soft-serve icecream, maaaaannnn!) and the Kogi barbecue truck in LA.

Update: Noted buzzkiller Jack Shafer thinks the trend is totally bogus.