Giant constructivist iPhone sculpture

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Russian art collective and electronics hacker group Electroboutique created this giant iPhone Monument to 3G (image left) inspired by Tatlin's Tower (image right), a Constructivist monument designed in 1920 but sadly never built. From the artist statement:

Tatlin's work is considered one of the avant-garde icons, whereas iPhone is a bright techno-consumerist icon of today. Back in the 20's of the last centuries avant-garde artists have invented design as a way to bring art into people's homes. During the 20's century designers were gradually taking artistic ideas and implementing them into product design. Today we see companies claiming their products are art objects themselves; art has to re-define its role in the society again. The Monument to 3G links together the beginning and the current state of nearly a century of art-to-design dialogue and follows the strategy of re-claiming the designers' ideas back into art.

Monument to 3G
(via Imaginary Foundation)