How male antelopes increase their chances of sex

100519112618.jpgMale antelopes trick female antelopes to increase their chances of having sex with them, a new study conducted by the University of Liverpool has found.

The study of topi antelopes in Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve Park found that male antelopes snort and look intently ahead if an ovulating female begins to stray from their territory. This type of behaviour suggests to the female that there is predator danger ahead. Typical predators of the topi include lions, cheetahs, leopards and humans. When scientists examined the behaviour closely they discovered that the male antelope's snort and intent look were a false call made to keep the female in his vicinity and there was no danger nearby. Rather than risk any danger of a predator the female stays within the male antelope's territory, which increases his chances of mating with her.

It's the first time this type of behavior has been documented in animals in the wild. An earlier study on antelope sexual behavior found that female antelopes are more promiscuous than male antelopes.

Male antelopes deceive females to increase their chances of mating [New Scientist]

Image by Dr. Jakob Bro-Jorgenson via New Scientist