Street pianos head to NYC

NYC will follow London and Sydney's lead and install a bunch of street pianos in public places where anyone can sit down and bang out some showtunes, Chopin, or Chopsticks. a pretty wonderful idea. New Yorkers are a talented bunch! Think of all the impromptu cabaret sessions that could come out of this! The project - actually called Play Me, I'm Yours - and its pianos are coming around from June 21st - July 5th. All the locations are here, Manhattan has 27 locations, but the pianos will be making their way around all five boroughs (from the Bronx Zoo to Flushing Meadows), so you'll likely cross paths with one at some point.

The Street Pianos are Coming: New York's Latest Public Art Experiment

(Image: A better class of busker? (mono), a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from mrs_logic's photostream)